3-Dimensional Mailings

Liberty Carton Racecar
Complete with a roaring racecar sound chip, this piece for Liberty Carton Company won an award from the Midwest Direct Marketing Association.
  • Liberty Paper Crayon Mailer
  • Liberty Carton Racecar
  • Oxford Cookie Cutter
  • Oxford Cookie Cutter 2

Remember the fun and mystery of getting a package in the mail? Your customers enjoy it, too! A three-dimensional mailing immediately grabs their attention. When you have a new product to introduce, or an important event to announce, an inexpensive little doo-dad plus a brochure or letter will increase responses and keep you in the top of your customers' minds. That's a good place to be!

I love 3-D mailings. They let the graphic artist get creative. They let me think beyond words on paper. And your customers have fun.

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